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A Brand New Kind of To-Do

Since the beginning of time mankind (and womankind too) have made endless lists in a quest to help remember the right things to be working on. Lists are perhaps our oldest technology – a relic of a primitive culture.

Everyone makes lists. Now there’s a to do list that not only keeps track of what you need to do – todolee™ is a new kind of never before invented to do list that answers the question, “when is the right time to do it?” todolee™ just knows you.

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Get Your Entire Life In Order

You’ve always known what you’re doing – Now you can know when to do it.

Todolee is the first and only web based to do list that with a few clicks of a button will automatically tell you your most important tasks to be completed first, second, third and so on – based on what’s most important to you. It doesn’t get any better than that. Get your entire life and business organized and managed.

todolee™ makes it simple.


Prioritization Technology that Makes it Easy

There are literally over 550 to do list applications available just in the apple store alone. Everyone needs a to do list manager today. But to do lists only go so far. Of course there are some to do lists that allow you to drag and drop your tasks into boxes or sort them into some kind of order. But none of them can tell you which task MUST be done first before all the other tasks – and which task comes next. First prioritize your to do list and then drag and drop your list into the boxes! With ToDoLee all it takes is your to do list and a few clicks of a button and you’ll know what you have to do and exactly when to do it. todolee™ simply tells you.



Strategic planning, over the past couple of decades, has not seen anything new – until now.

For years we would take our own clients through strategic planning exercises and then come to a point where there were just so many options the team had created that they didn’t know which way to turn first.

In my back pocket I always had a way to manually help them decide if they could get the count down from 50 or more to less than 15. The outcome was amazing in helping point the direction, but the time it took to do the analysis was painful to say the least. With todolee we have completely overcome that sticking point. Take as many items as you want – add them to the list – click the button and start prioritizing. The end result is a beautiful on-point strategy that tells you exactly how to execute your strategy.

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Organizations intent on successful execution of their strategy must take a new approach.

In any strategic plan or even your daily routine the list of challenges can be long – and ALL OF THEM are important. But which one are you going to work on first? And then which one should you plan to do after the first one is accomplished? Sure, you could take a vote, but then you’re looking at a list of 25 or more items and everyone has an opinion – and not everyone’s opinion may be valid. What do you do? Improve your chances of actually executing your strategy with just a few clicks of your mouse (or keyboard).


Very easy sign in and set up. Takes minutes to populate the todolee™ task list and simply click the tasks to choose which task has priority


It’s now totally affordable because it’s FREE for every business owner and employee. Just sign up!


Perfect for use with any device with access to the internet. Scales to fit PC, iOS, phones and tablets


Ten or fifteen minutes spent with todolee™ can save you days and weeks on a project when you are properly focused on your critical priorities

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Meet the Visionary Behind TODOLEE™

Dan prosser

Hi, my name is Dan Prosser and I’ve been working with CEOs and their teams, non-profits, and organizations for the past 45-some years. Todolee is an application I developed for my clients to end the struggle of figuring out what a team needs to focus on and in which order it needs to be focused on. This is the automated version of a manual process my father taught me when I was in my 20’s and he was taught this process literally by a rocket scientist who worked for Honeywell in the 1950’s. The process was used to determine the priorities that needed to be assigned to weapons development.

Todolee™ is unlike anything you have ever used to energize your project, organize your day, plan your year, and identify your strategies and your tactics.

What should you work on first? Follow the directions and Todolee will tell you.


It’s time to take control of your life and your business